You guys have gotten this request about 10 000+ times, So sorry if you guys are annoyed by this. I have an idea on how to implement the Hard-To-Destroy-Lizard. He should be in a 25x25 block chamber, made out of reinforced iron, with a separate observation chamber with six buttons.. and you will have five things at your disposal to TRY to kill him. While recovering, you can freely enter the chamber. If not recovering, enter his chamber, and he attacks for 25-90 hearts.

1. Netherrack incinerator, press a button, and the whole thing lights up, 682 emits a howling noise, like the big rat in the Princess Bride. 682 will be dormant for 5 days after, because he is recovering and healing, then he is back. (Must have 50 netherrack in inventory, and is auto placed permanently)

2. Recreate the epic duel of 173 and 682! SCP-173 is teleported into 682 chamber, lights turn off, and after two minutes, 173 is back in normal chamber, and 682 must take two days to recover. (must have 173's chamber built)

3. Bring 106 to 682! Same concept as 2, 682 is taken to pocket dimension, and after one day, is released, takes 25 days until aggressive again. But you must recontain 106 yourself. (must have 106's chamber already built)

4. Lava. Burns (represents acid). Takes 682 five days to recover. You could add acid instead. (must have ten lava buckets in inventory, then the button can be press any time to make lava fall)

5. Drowning. Nothing much about this, but takes one minute to recover. (needs ten water buckets, then you can use as much as you want)

The sixth button in bring SCP-999, should you have him, into the chamber, calming SCP-682 so you may enter.

What do you think?

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