Installation[edit | edit source]

1) Open the downloaded ZIP.

2) Install Forge v6.5.0.467 Universal and run minecraft.

2.5) Close minecraft.

3) Open the in and drag everything that's inside into


4) Drag the resources folder to .minecraft.

5) Pray for it to work.

6) If it works, have fun shitting your pants.

Spawning SCPs[edit | edit source]

First, you need a document crafter. To get the SCP documents you must craft an SCPs pearl and place it into the document crafter. The document crafter will give you an SCP document. The document can be used on the ground to spawn in the SCP with its chamber (even if the SCP is an item). Most of the chamber doors are secured with a keycard slot.

Press escape


Multiplayer options

Set 'show cape' ON. 

How to play it Multiplayer?[edit | edit source]

SCP Craft is currently only functioning in LAN using programs such as 'Hamachi', by opening a network and opening the world in LAN. The port is different every time the map is opened to LAN.

LAN is currently very buggy, because the mod was originally designed for singleplayer. SCPs such as SCP-173 and SCP-106 may not function properly. Some SCPs (such as SCP-1025 ) may even crash the server.

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