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A rat under the effect of SCP-997

SCP-997 is a device superficially resembling a lamp, but without a bulb and with a twisting wire structure in place of a shade, believed to function as an antenna.When connected to a power source and turned on, SCP-997 emits a field that affects every human within about 250 meters.All persons affected by the field become unable to perceive in any way anything they would consider vermin. This effect is based on subjective judgement, so one individual may perceive something that another may not. SCP-997 effects extend to sufficiently accurate representations of vermin.Testing results suggest that SCP-997 only suppresses conscious awareness of vermin, inflicting symptoms akin to spatial neglect except across all senses. Consequently, though people affected by SCP-997 do not report noticing vermin, they do respond to their presence, though they cannot explain the basis for their reaction.


  • SCP-997 turns nearby rats invisible.
  • When a player goes too near SCP-997, they get hurt. It does half a heart of damage at a time.


  • SCP-997 is to be contained in a 5m x 5m x 4m containment chamber made out of grate blocks.

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SCP-997 is written by Anaxagoras