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The containment chamber of SCP-538

SCP-538 appears to be animate shadows of an unknown species of spiders. SCP-538 appears to "feed" off of the shadows of other living objects, and will move to the nearest shadow cast by a living organism. To "feed", SCP-538 does no more than attach itself to the shadow of its host in such a manner that its own shadow is not obscured. SCP-538 has shown itself capable of going short distances through open, well lit areas, such as to reach a nearby host or to escape a source of agitation. While generally benign, SCP-538 can and will attack its host if frightened. Frightening SCP-538 generally involves a rapid movement by its host, at which point it will "bite" the organism's shadow before attempting to flee. Bite must occur on bare skin to cause effects; clothing material consisting of cotton or anything sturdier will provide sufficient protection. 

An SCP-538 specimen


  • SCP-538 speciemen are 1 block high and wide spider-like creatures.
  • SCP-538 speciemen can only be seen in very highly lit areas.
  • SCP-538 speciemens are hostile and quite fast. They do half a heart of damage per hit. They are very powerful when in swarms.


The SCP-538 speciemens are to be contained in a 15m x 15m x 3m containment chamber made out of white wool. The chamber must be as bright as possible. Only personnel with level 2 or higher clearance may enter the containment chamber. It is suggested to be as careful as possible when entering the containment chamber, because speciemens may escape easily while entering.

SCP-538 is written by Dr LosER