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SCP-472 is a red garnet, of the pyrope-spessartite variety, of unusual size (1.8 carat). The phrase "For man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart" has been engraved in 2 mm (0.08 in) high lettering on the stone's surface. Relevance of the phrase is unknown. When any organism possessing a heartbeat passes within an 18 m (60 ft) radius of SCP-472, that subject will begin to hear the distant beating of a heart within their head. The heartbeat heard directly corresponds with the subject's own heartbeat, with the frequency of the palpitations increasing or decreasing with the pulse of the subject. Prolonged exposure causes a variety of additional psychological effects.


  • SCP-472 appears to be a red stone.
  • When any living entity is near SCP-472, they will slowly go mad. First they will only be affected by slowness, then nausea, then the Bloodstone effect, and it will get worse and worse. After a while the player will start hearing whispers, then will slowly die.
  • SCP-472 cannot be destroyed.

    Subject D-9452 in the last session of the effect (before death).


SCP-472 is to be contained in a 15m x 15m x 4m containment chamber made out of Stone bricks. The ceiling is to be made out of glowstone. Only personnel with level 2 or higher clearance level may enter the containment chamber.

SCP-472 was written by esoteric