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SCP-273 inside containment

SCP-273 resembles a middle-aged woman of Indian descent. DNA samples and medical tests indicate SCP-273 conforms to human normal in all other respects, despite the subject's abnormalities. SCP-273 has generally shown willing compliance and cooperation with the Foundation's containment and requests. SCP-273 suffers from what it describes as a "hunger", which requires regular feeding every 12 hours. This hunger satiates itself through a form of remote combustion. This produces no visible flames, instead oxidizing the subject from the outside in until reduced to a fine white ash. Metals are not consumed, except under special circumstancesWhen tested, the hunger demonstrates a preference for meat over other organic matter, especially live human subjects. SCP-273 exhibits no signs of conscious control over its satiation, and becomes upset upon consuming live animals. In response to testing with D-class personnel, SCP-273 screamed at obse[DATA EXPUNGED]sed into the corner of its private enclosure and refused to enter the front partition for 21 hours.


  • SCP-273 appears to be a 2 blocks high human
  • SCP-273 does not attack until the player hits her.
  • SCP-273 feels some kind of ,,hunger". When SCP-273 is hungry it will display a text in the chat. SCP-273 can be fed with any food, and it will even tell you if she liked the food. For example, if you give her a rotten flesh, she will say: ,,You cheap dumbass!".
  • However if SCP-273 isn't fed for a long amount of time, she dies and flames appear inside it's containment chamber. A 'Pillar' also appears inside the containment chamber.
  • After a certain amount of time, SCP-273 will reappear inside the containment chamber.


SCP-273 is to be contained inside an 11m x 5m x 4m containment chamber made of Granite. Half of the chamber is to be closed off for the subject's privacy. Only personnel with level 2 clearance or higher may enter the containment chamber. Me popo I love her :)

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SCP-273 is written by G Fox

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