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SCP-143 not yet contained

SCP-143 is a plantation of 3000 specimens of a unique type of tree. The wood and bark are a light grayish color, with a texture expected of wood, although the grain is very smooth to the touch. However, the petals and wood of these trees are much harder than most natural or man-made substances, reaching up to 5,000 HB on the Brinell scale, and withstanding temperatures of up to 1800°C. The weight-to-strength ratio surpasses even that of titanium, being some fifteen percent (15%) lighter than aluminum. Despite this hardness, the wood and petals are quite supple and are as pliable as most woods are.  Both are notoriously difficult to work due to their properties, but under high temperatures, upwards of 1500°C, separate pieces are capable of being fused together. They make excellent armor, shielding, and weapons. Due to the slow growth of the plants, the material is slow to harvest, although the petals are shed regularly enough, falling from the trees twice every year.


  • SCP-143 is a tree with red leaves.
  • SCP-143 can be used like any tree, however the tools made out of SCP-143 are extremely powerful and very hard to break.
  • SCP-143's leaves will hurt everything that touch them.
  • SCP-143 takes diamonds value class. SCP-143 tools and weapons are STRONGER than diamond tools and have a lot more uses including making a [REDACTED] to pick up SCP-096.


SCP-143 is to be contained in a 5m x 5m x 5m  glass chamber. The floor must be dirt with grass. There must be no ceiling, so the tree can grow. The chamber is to be lit well.

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SCP-143 was written by  Kain Pathos Crow