SCP-109 is a standard-issue United States Army canteen (circa 1899) made of a tin alloy and fitted with a heavy cotton cover and a black leather strap. When opened, the item is seen to be nearly full of water. A seemingly unlimited amount of water can be removed from the container without changing the water level or the item's mass, which remains a constant 3.16 kg. Probes of the interior of the container reported an estimated volume of 2.8 L and a shape consistent with the outside.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

  • SCP-109 works just like a bucket of water, However, it has an unlimited amount of water inside it.

Containment[edit | edit source]

All SCP items are to be stored in a 3x3 iron storage chamber.

Original Link[edit | edit source]

[ SCP-109 is written by Kain Pathos Crow ][1]

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