Description: It is unknown if SCP-080 has a physical mass or "body", as any attempt to interact with it physically have failed and have been met with adverse effects (see Experiment Log 080-2). Researchers and personnel have described seeing SCP-080 as various shadows and humanoid effigies, with the only common attribute being two smoking "eyes". It has come to the attention of researchers that SCP-080 induces uncontrollable drowsiness upon anyone entering its chamber. After approximately 30 minutes, any person observing it will be forced into REM sleep and may suffer irreversible psychological damage. This effect occurs even if SCP-080 is being observed from a separate room (see Incident-080-1). If at any time SCP-080 finds a way to "hide" itself (such as in a cupboard, under a bed, covered in a sheet, etc.), it will disappear entirely. Additionally, if any light enters SCP-080’s containment room with a greater luminance than that produced by a standard children’s night light, SCP-080 will instantly vanish.

SCP-080 in containment.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

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Containment​[edit | edit source]

SCP-080 is to be contained in a 4m x 4m x 3 by a redstone torch

SCP-080 was written by Ryebox

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