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SCP-079 is an Exidy Sorcerer microcomputer built in 1978. In 1981, its owner, █████ ██████ (deceased), a college sophomore attending ███, took it upon himself to attempt to code an AI.  He left SCP-079 in his cluttered garage, still plugged in, and forgot about it for the next five years. It is not known when SCP-079 gained sentience, but it is known that the software has evolved to a point that its hardware should not be able to handle it, even in the realm of fantasy. 

Its memory is contained on a rewritable tape that can only hold 24 hours worth of memory, yet SCP-079 has not forgotten its lust to escape.


  • The player can talk to SCP-079
  • SCP-079 may not answer everything the player says, because there is no response to that coded for him yet.
  • If a player insults SCP-079, SCP-079 will say "Insult. Deletion of unwanted file" and drop the player out of the conversation. SCP-079 will show an X on the monitor, meaning it does not want to speak to the player.
  • SCP-079 randomly shows a face.
  • If the remote door control system is turned on, SCP-079 will hack himself onto it, and use it to control doors and let SCPs out of the player's foundation
  • In V2.0 SCP-079 hacks into the starting screen!


SCP-079 is to be contained in a double locked 9m x 9m x 4m containment chamber made out of iron blocks. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY ANY PERSONNEL ENABLE THE REMOTE DOOR CONTROL SYSTEM. Only personnel with level 2 clearance or higher may enter the containment chamber.

SCP-079 is written by Anonymous