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SCP-023 is a large, sexless shaggy canine (1.5 meters at the shoulder) with black fur. It has bright orange-red eyes and prominent teeth (see Incident Report 023-26). Any time an individual makes eye contact with SCP-023, either that person or a member of their immediate family will die exactly one (1) year after eye contact is broken. Research into the method of selection is incomplete due to a moratorium on experiments, but the available data suggests that having a larger immediate family lessens the chance of the individual making eye contact themselves dying, and neither a pattern nor a preference in victim types have been found. This may indicate that SCP-023's victim is designated entirely at random, but it is unknown whether this selection occurs at the beginning or at the end of the one-year time period. Attempts to terminate an individual who has made eye contact with SCP-023 and their entire immediate family before the one-year time period has ended [DATA EXPUNGED].


  • If anyone makes eye contact with SCP-023, the person will get killed.
  • However, if indirect eye contact comes along, the victim will not suffer any damage if looked at.


  • SCP-023 is contained in a 5x6 iron and reinforced iron chamber.

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SCP-023 is written by Pig catapult