Reinforced Iron[edit | edit source]

This block is made out of iron blocks. It is very hard to break, so lots of chambers are made out of this block. SCP-096 can not break this block.

Blood Block[edit | edit source]

The Blood Block can only be found inside SCP-173 's containment chamber. It has the Stone Block's properties.

Bone block[edit | edit source]

The Bone Block can be found inside SCP-002 or crafted.

Electric Wool[edit | edit source]

Electric wool is the item SCP-594 drops. It has the properties of a redstone block.

Grate Block[edit | edit source]

Grate Blocks are used in SCP-027 and SCP-997 's containment chamber.

Corroded Iron Block[edit | edit source]

Corroded Iron Blocks are used in SCP-106 's containment chamber.

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